Welcome To British Bulldogs

About Us

After many years of admiration for the British Bulldog breed, we managed to acquire our first girl ‘Comceme Taylor Maid’ aka ‘Alice’


Alice was to be our house pet, but with some encouragement and gentle persuasion from friend Natasha Clark, Jillian soon became involved in the showing world and then soon after the breeding side of things.


We take pride in the health of our bulldogs and breed only with recognised lines of healthy dogs with good temperaments.  Betterment of the Breed is a must in our breeding program.


Jillian’s love of the Bulldog came from a family connection many many years ago with her Grandfather ‘Mr. William Elwers’ Breeding, Showing and

Exporting British bulldogs under the prefix of ‘Addiscombe Bulldogs’.


This love was passed down to Jillian’s father and then onto her, with Bulldogs now well and truly entrenched into both family homes.


Our bulldog journey was started via some great friends Esther and Michael, and Darren and Jos.  We thank them for all of their support now and especially in our early days.


We hope you enjoy our website, pics and information.