Your New Puppy

The responsibility of a new British Bulldog puppy is a serious commitment.

Puppies take up time for play, feeding and training.  British Bulldog pups are no exception. 



A bulldog puppy must know the rules and his/her boundaries from a very young age.


Give a bulldog an inch and he/she will soon have you lapping out of their bowl and them eating out of yours.  A bulldogs personality can easily be a distraction to bad behaviour, be careful.   They are loving, funny and very smart.


Discipline must be firm, concise and always rewarded when positives occur.  Along with this a Bulldog can also become very nervous and scared if dealt with too severely


If you are Firm, Consistent and Concise your Bulldog Puppy will do almost anything to please you.



Our puppies all go home with a bag of food and feeding instructions.  We recommend that the feeding regime remains the same until they have settled into their new surroundings and family environment.  A good quality premium food is recommended, food with a close ratio of fat to protein is best.


Bulldogs can easily become fussy eaters if you let them. 


Toilet Training:

We like to use Crate training with our puppies and like our new owners to travel their dogs in a crate whilst in the car.  Our puppies are raised with a crate and this is their sleeping and safe place.  They know that they will not be hurt or annoyed by children in their crates.  You will soon find your bulldog baby asking for the toilet or hanging on until they are released from the crate.  Training to paper or training pads is also a good idea, especially in the winter months.


Puppies should be taken out to the toilet often.  Key times are:

  • After waking from sleep.
  • After play
  • After food or water


If you stick to a routine like this you will find your puppy picks up the outside toileting trend quite quickly.



British Bulldogs are not huge walkers, they much prefer to curl up on the couch or your bed and sleep.


Exercise is however, a necessary thing.  A nice brisk walk with your bulldog or some active play (ball play) helps with their muscle development and their health and fitness.  A bulldog needs to be muscular and fit not fat.